Inka Foods

From the land called Peru

our roots

Our Corn

In the high mountains of Peru, a very large variety of corn has been grown for centuries in the Sacred Valley, near Cuzco and Machu Picchu. This giant white corn dates back to the Pre-Columbian age. The very large ears of corn are harvested then dried. The dried kernels are then processed and roasted in an ultra modern and high tech plant in Lima, Peru. The end product are individual kernels of roasted corn that make for a delicious and healthy snack. Some are lightly salted and others are simply flavored with chile picante or sea salt and vinegar.

Our Plantains

In the Amazon jungle of Peru, plantains have been grown for centuries. Plantains are a special variety of banana that is cooked before eating. Plantains are a type of cooking banana whose nutritional value and delicious flavor have made them a staple food in many tropical regions around the world. Our plantains come from small plantations. After harvesting, the plantains are sliced and then cooked and dusted in sea salt to bring out the natural flavor. The result is a light, fresh tasting and healthy snack.